Buying a smart watch for android or your iPhone has become some form of habit in this modern age. These days, more people are becoming inclined with their wristwatches doing more than just telling the time. Wristwatches are now the all-time partner for anyone willing to watch their time and health cautiously. From your heart rate to the walk rate to setting reminders, Smartwatches have become a personal assistant to many users because of their multiple purposes. More technology brands have gone into the production of these smartwatches because of the high demand. Therefore, there are countless options of smartwatches to choose from when you are looking to buy one. Your choice should be influenced by your ability to use it and your preferences. Some smartwatches function like your phone. These watches are becoming popular and a prediction expects that there will be the sale of over one billion smartwatches over the next four years.

The popular brands may have a larger chunk of the market, as they have more users. But it does not go on to mean they are the best brands when it comes to the features. The Honor Smartwatch ES has more amazing features than most other brands, but you may not know about it. A smartwatch brand that may not exactly have the popularity, but sure has one of the best features around is the Honor smartwatches. These watches come at a relatively affordable price, and usually have more features than the most common smartwatch brand. They have an amazing display, and unlike other smartwatches, they are very light to carry around easily. In this guide, we will be discussing the advantages of choosing the Honor smartwatches as your preferred smartwatch brand. Let’s go!

Excellent display

The Honor smartwatches es come with a 1.64″ AMOLED Touch display that enables you to see your watch clearly, even in the brightest environment. The display has amazing technology that adjusts the brightness as required by the current lighting. It has a 2.5D glass cover that is smooth to touch and looks beautiful.

It is not heavy

One important feature a smartwatch needs to have is lightweight. The frame of the Honor smartwatch ES is usually about 30mm wide to fit your wrist perfectly. Also, the watch case has a 10.7mm width, making it comfortable on your hand. These features ensure that your smartwatch remains light for your daily activities.

Strap flexibility

A smartwatch has the main design to ensure you can use it for fitness activities. However, it never stops at that point. You still want the smartwatch to be fashionable, so you can wear it to some functions. The Honor smartwatches ES come with different strap options that are easy to fix. So depending on your personality, you can choose your strap and fix it accordingly.

Change watch face easily

When you buy your smartwatch, it is more like you buy yourself a phone. You want to have a personal touch on your phone. Things like setting the wallpaper of your phone as your picture. The Honor smartwatches give you the opportunity to set up your device however you want it. You can have your pictures set as the profile and even set up the icons you want to use.

Workout detector

A smartwatch is meant to be smart, in all senses of the word. That means, without telling it something, it is supposed to detect activity. The Honor smartwatch has a workout detector that finds out when you are working out. Also, the watch comes with a workout coaching technique. It has workout training that has been animated to give you workout ideas.

Strong battery life

If you charge your Honor smartwatch full, your battery should last you for at least ten days. That means you can use your watch ten days after a full charge. That is one feature you will not get from many smartwatch brands.


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