Like many other skills in life, the craft of building lightsabers is typically passed down orally by Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters to their young Palawan students. Sure, there are brochures and informative movies, but when it comes to producing a shaft of bright plasma, nothing beats experience.

Lightsabers are potent machines that use enormous quantities of energy, much like the typical iPhone. Any technology that has the ability to melt through a blast door certainly has to have access to enormous energy reserves. A diatom power cell, a device the size of a roll of coins, provides this energy to learn more about the lightsaber you have to go through this article.

Different Components of Lightsaber

There are some components to building a perfect useful lightsaber. The explanation of these components is as follows:

Outer Casing

The style and form of the lightsaber’s casing vary depending on who is utilizing it. The majority of casings are made of metal and have a rubber or plastic coating for enhanced grip. On the casing, which is attached to each component of the weapon, are also located the controls for the weapon. =

Although some cases are watertight, it is advised that the user take this in mind when selecting one so as to avoid the possibility of the weapon being damaged should it come into contact with water or other fluids. The weapon’s shell also determines its visual appearance; as a result, it should be made to match the user’s personality.

Power Assembly

The power assembly is crucial to all lightsabers since without the power to produce the blade that is solely symbolic of the lightsaber, the instrument itself is useless. The assembly usually fits in the lower part of the lightsaber, leaving only the bottom half of the casing between it and the surrounding air.

The main reason for this is the use of the recharge socket, which needs to be inserted beneath the power assembly. To ensure that the assembly always has enough power, the owner of the weapon will have a socket on the butt of the lightsaber into which a regular power cell can be inserted. Once completed, the power assembly will be able to recharge itself using the energy cell that is inserted into this socket.

Crystal Chamber

The Focusing Crystal is essentially what is utilized to focus the power cell’s broad spectrum energy into a tightly focused narrow beam, allowing the lightsaber to fire. The crystal is also the heart and soul of the weapon because it bestows the blade with its inherent color and energy qualities.

The main crystal will typically be an Andeans crystal, however, other crystal types may be used. Most weapons only use one crystal, however, some lightsabers can be constructed with numerous crystals to produce tints of various colors or to enable specific modifications. The dual-phase modification is the consequence of many aligned crystals.

Lightsaber Emitter

Before the lightsaber can be used, the Emitter must first be constructed from a variety of separate elements and joined. First, energy enters the emitter and travels through a long, narrow passage known as the blade energy channel. From there, it is directed to the Cycling Field Energizers, which transform it into arc wave energy.

This process essentially creates a feedback mechanism for the weapon, as it returns energy not used to cut or touch an object to the power cell, ensuring that it only uses energy when it is actually needed. As soon as the power cell turns on and starts to channel energy from the lower part of the weapon, the modulation circuits give input to the energizers and initialize them.


The outside controls of the lightsaber should link to the proper internal wiring when the shell is placed into position so that operating them produces the correct effect. Lightsabers can be controlled in a variety of ways. The activation plate/switch is crucial because it turns on and off the lightsaber’s power cell. Other controls on some lightsabers can change how much energy is produced by the power cell and can also lengthen the blade for dual-phase sabers.


The Star Wars saga’s iconic lightsabers have become a treasured and enduring part of pop culture because of their unique design and the amazing duels they enable. The functioning of this light made it more unique. These are available in a variety of colors which gives a pleasant look.


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